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Everything you need to know about probiotics

I am sure you have heard the expressions “gut feeling” or “butterflies in your stomach”, perhaps you have even used them before? We use these expressions for a reason. Our stomach and intestinal track react to, and are sensitive to, emotions which are then signaled to our brain. Your brain communicates with your stomach’s microbiota. Keeping that gastrointestinal system healthy has become a major focus in helping us deal with the role that stress and strong emotions play on our physical health.

Specific health and nutritional products include nutrient rich bacteria, like probiotics, to keep our entire system healthy to counteract the physical damage our own brain imposes on us.

Foods like kefir, yogurt, cheeses, and sauerkraut naturally contain probiotics. Dietary supplements that contain probiotics are soaring up the popularity chain in the dietary supplement world. Probiotic use has expanded into foods like baking confectioneries, porridges, cereal bars, coffee, apple juice, glucose syrup, and even ice cream. These new products are in response to flourishing popularity of probiotics and consumers who desire alternates to the standard capsule or liquid supplements. In 2016, probiotics made over $4 billion (of all dietary supplement sales in the US) and are projected to continue to grow through 2018.


If you lose the “good” and necessary bacteria in your stomach, probiotics can help replace them. Probiotics are important for immune system function, skin conditions, IBS, and other digestive health concerns. Recent research has connected the use of probiotics to heart health (with aiding in high blood pressure) as well as slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s. The most common probiotics used in consumer products are:


Many types of bacteria are classified as probiotics. They all have different benefits, but these are the most common types. There is research being published every day about the different probiotics and their health advantages. Consult your doctor prior to taking a probiotic to ensure you are taking the one that is best for your health needs.

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