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Professional Liability Webinar for Design and Contractor Professionals

Architects, engineers, and design and construction firms face a wide range of liability issues that can vary dramatically from project to project. Complicating matters, owners often draft contract provisions that are unfavorable to contractors, who are sometimes too willing to accept these unfavorable terms in order to get work. When this happens, it can leave contractors vulnerable, since elements of the project may not be covered by their insurance, or may not even be insurable.

In this webinar, we cover 7 key design and construction contract provisions, with examples of problematic owner-drafted language that we have come across, and suggestions for alternative language that helps ensure the work is covered by a firm’s professional liability coverage. These provisions include:

  • Standard of care
  • Indemnity
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Limitations of liability
  • Consequential damages
  • Instruments
  • Service, warranties, and guarantees


Admiral’s Professional Liability Solutions

Admiral’s Architects and Engineers Pro Delta Program is focused on professional liability coverage for all design professionals, including geotechnical structure, structural firms, and construction managers.

We offer modular, flexible solutions that include a combination of PL, GL policies, and project-specific policies with a broad definition of professional services, flexible deductibles, blanket pollution coverage, and multi-year, extended reporting period options. We also offer risk management services, contract review services, and loss prevention assistance to help our brokers and their clients reduce their risk and maximize profit.

Charlene Goodwin

Written by Charlene Goodwin

Charlene Goodwin is VP of Marketing at Admiral. She joined Admiral in 2018 and has more than 20 years of marketing experience, with more than half of that in the commercial insurance. Charlene is on the board of the Insurance Marketing Communications Association. She enjoys traveling and listening to heavy metal.

Topics: News, architects and engineers


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