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Reducing Risk for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare services such as surgery centers, clinical trials and home health care carry a variety of liability risks that businesses and their insurance brokers need to be aware of. As an insurance broker, one of the most valuable things you can do is provide tools that improve risk management.

Admiral Insurance has partnered with OmniSure to provide risk management services to healthcare professionals.

OmniSure Risk Management Program

OmniSure offers risk management programs for many types of healthcare settings, which can help health administrators and employees reduce liability exposure.

The basic risk management program, for example, covers 12 principles of risk management. Principles are explained in a series of videos that also include checklists for providers to follow. After watching the videos, providers are asked a series of questions to see how well they understand each principle, and can earn a certificate showing they have completed the risk management program. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Effective Incident Management
  • Improving the Patient Experience
  • Preventing Communication Errors
  • Protecting Confidentiality
  • Documentation
  • Diclosing Events

Improving Your Client’s Risk Profile

OmniSure’s risk management program is a powerful tool for health service providers, and a strong selling point for Admiral’s wholesale broker partners. Surgery centers, home healthcare agencies and other healthcare providers can improve their risk profile and help prevent liability issues from arising, improve patient experience and safety, and more.

OmniSure’s Confidential Third-Party Helpline

One of the features that stands out to health professionals and insurance brokers alike is OmniSure’s helpline for advice-on-demand. With deep expertise in best practices for risk management in the healthcare industry and understanding of liability exposure, doctors, administrators and other providers can get answers to their questions anytime, as OmniSure answers live during standard business hours, but also responds to urgent calls evenings and weekends.

Additionally, OmniSure provides monthly tips to reduce risk to help providers stay on top of best practices, along with easy-to-follow risk reduction checklists and videos.

To learn more about OmniSure and other benefits of working with Admiral, contact your underwriter.

Greg Ferrell

Written by Greg Ferrell

Greg has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, primarily focused on the healthcare/medical business segment. He has been with Admiral since 2015 and is a Vice President of Professional Liability, based in Austin, TX. In his spare time, you can find Greg playing a round of golf.

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