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One-Stop Shop for Cannabis Dispensary Insurance

As the cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly across the country, so is the need for a comprehensive cannabis insurance program to meet customer demands. Whether you have an established client looking to expand and build a multi-state operation or are helping a new client navigate through the […]

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How COVID-19 is Affecting the Cannabis Industry

With COVID-19 causing economic uncertainty in every sector of the economy, staying on top of industry trends is more important than ever. In our most recent webinar, Emerging Risks and Enhanced Coverages for the Cannabis Industry for the Cannabis Industry, we covered: The impact COVID-19 is having […]

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Cyber Coverage: More Than Just Data Breaches

When a company considers purchasing cyber insurance, they often consider the likelihood and financial impact they would incur in responding to a breach of confidential information (e.g. credit card numbers, healthcare records, etc.). Often times the conversation ends here and a company declines […]

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Cannabis Property Coverage: Part of Admiral's New Comprehensive Cannabis Dispensary Coverage

As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, and healthcare providers approve medical marijuana use for a broader range of conditions, the demand for cannabis continues to grow rapidly. In 2019, marijuana dispensary revenue grew 23%, making it the sixth-fastest growing sector in the […]

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CBD Oil Processors:  A Rapidly Growing Insurance Market

Consumer sales of CBD oil in the United States is expected to top $1 billion in 2020, representing a 1000% increase in just the last five years.  By 2025, the total value of the CBD market is estimated to be $15 to $20 billion.  With such rapidly increasing demand for CBD oil, many new players are […]

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Liability Coverage for Alcohol-Related Businesses

From restaurants and bars to brewers and bowling alleys, alcohol is big business.  In 2018, the American Beverage Licensees Industry Association study found that from bars to package stores, the alcohol serving industry accounts for more than $360 billion in economic impact annually.  What's more, […]

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Marijuana Industry Growth Continues, with Fastest Growth in the Midwest

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana continues to expand across the United States, creating incredible new opportunities for not only cannabis retailers, growers, and manufacturers, but also for existing businesses looking to expand from medical into the recreational space.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Liability Insurance for CBD and Hemp Products

Recently, federal law changed making it legal to grow, manufacture, and sell hemp and hemp-based products, including CBD oil, hemp rope, hemp cloth, and more. Many farmers, manufacturers, and retailers are now looking at the hemp and CBD product market as a growing opportunity. Of course, as with […]

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Insurance protection for the firearms and shooting sports industry

Firearms are big business in America, now accounting for more than $50 billion in economic activity. It has also consistently been one of the fastest-growing industries, up nearly 170 percent in last 10 years. And while manufacturers and dealers of rifles, shotguns, handguns, and ammunition make up […]

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Liability Risks for Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps are a huge part of our daily lives. From checking the weather and getting directions to banking, monitoring our health, playing games, and even dating, we use them for just about everything. So it should be no surprise that mobile apps have been one of the fastest-growing segments of […]

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